Goals of the M-Zones Research Programme

The overall goal of M-Zones is to:

Undertake fundamental research into novel management infrastructures to enable collaboration and management, between and within Smart Spaces.

Within the overall goal of the programme, M-Zones will:

  • Take a holistic view of Smart Space Management by representing them as Managed-Zones ('M-Zones'), which encompass one or more smart spaces and the context of these spaces e.g. participants, information resources, time, IT infrastructure etc. M-Zones represent domains of management in which Smart Spaces can be managed and between which participants/devices roam and dynamic service provisioning can be supported.
  • Provide insight into the infrastructures and technologies to provide dynamic, real-time management within and between M-Zones.
  • Adopt a 'policy-based management approach' to support dynamic monitoring, configuration, control and co-ordination of these management zones. The management systems will be particularly sensitive to unique properties of smart spaces including: large-scale numbers of embedded processors/information appliances, mobility, wireless communication, temporal properties and the potential for 're-programming' of the smart spaces.
  • Develop a Smart Space management framework based on standards and best practice from both the Telecommunications and IT standardisation work such as TeleManagement Forum, Object Management Group, ETSI and ITU telecommunications standards.
  • Foster close collaboration among the research groups, which comprise experts in management & control systems, smart spaces, wireless systems and networks.
  • Enable exchange of researchers between sides and foster external collaboration with international centres of excellence.