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Project information
Key Action: Develop novel information and communications management technology to support dynamic, integrated management of participants, information appliances, and smart space infrastructure.
Key words: M-Zone, Smart Spaces, Management and Control systems, Inter Domain Collaborative Management
Events: All events
- Munich, Germany: 4th MUCS 2007 on IM 2007 hosted by M-Zones
- Toronto, Canada: 5th Pervasive 2007 - Tutorial co-chaired
- Dublin, Ireland: 65th VTC 2007 - co-organised by M-Zones
Schedule: June 2002 - May 2007
Contact: Dr. Sven van der Meer, Dr. Tom Pfeifer, Mícheál Ó Foghlú
Address: TSSG,
Waterford Institute of Technology
Cork Rd
Dr. Sven van der Meer:, Tel: +353 51 302925
Dr. Tom Pfeifer:, Tel: +353 51 302927
Mícheál Ó Foghlú:, Tel: +353 51 302963