M-Zones Main Events

2007May 25Munich, Germany: MUCS 2007 - 4th International Workshop on Management of Ubiquitous Communications and Services, organised by M-Zones partners, first time outside Ireland, at IM 2007
16Toronto, Canada: 5th Pervasive 2007 - M-Zones researchers co-chair the Tutorial on the conference and contribute papers
April 22-25Dublin, Ireland: VTC 2007, 65th Semi-Annual IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference is co-organised by M-Zones researchers
January 10-12Dublin, Ireland - M-Zones Researchers take part in the Young Scientist Exhibition

2006October 23-27Dublin, Ireland: Manweek 2006 - M-Zones researchers bring the five Manweek events to Ireland
  • DSOM 2006 - 17th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management
  • MMNS 2006 - 9th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia and Mobile Networks and Services
  • IPOM 2006 - 6th IEEE International Workshop on IP Operations and Management
  • MACE 2006 - 1st IEEE International Workshop on Modelling Autonomic Communications Environments
  • AGNM 2006 - 2nd IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Autonomic Grid Networking and Management
  • 26-27Carlow, Ireland: M-Zones researchers showing results at, and co-organising, the IT&T 2006 conference
    May 7-10Dublin, Ireland: 4th Pervasive 2006, M-Zones researchers bring the conference to Ireland
    4-5Cork, Ireland: MUCS 2006 - 3rd International Workshop on Management of Ubiquitous Communications and Services organised by M-Zones partners
    4-5Cork, CIT: M-Zones Meeting #017

    2005December8-9Cork, CIT: M-Zones Postgrad Student Workshop and Poster session
    9Cork, CIT: M-Zones Meeting #16
    October 26-27Cork, Ireland: M-Zones researchers showing results at and co-organising the IT&T 2005 conference
    3-5Athens, Greece: Workshop on Autonomic Communication, M-Zones researchers invited to panel on Autonomicity vs. Complexity
    September 27Dublin, TCD: M-Zones Meeting #015
    (July-September) M-Zones researcher presents in summer colloquia in the Universities Klagenfurt (Austria), Essen (Germany), Chemnitz (Germany)
    July 8Waterford, WIT: M-Zones Meeting #014
    June 28-29Dublin, Ireland: TCD and CIT meeting (ubiqcomp simulator development)
    13Taormina, Italy: Workshop on Autonomic Communications and Computing ACC 2005, M-Zones researcher chairs panel on Autonomics
    May 11Dublin, TCD: M-Zones Meeting #013
    February 9Cork, CIT: M-Zones Meeting #012

    2004December15Deliverable D2.4/D3.4/D4.4 - 2nd International Workshop on Management of Ubiquitous Communications and Services
    15Dublin, TCD: M-Zones Meeting #011
    13-14Dublin, TCD: MUCS 2004, 2nd International Workshop on Management of Ubiquitous Communications and Services
    02-03Waterford, WIT: M-Zones Meeting #010, student workshop and poster session
    November 15-17The Hague, The Netherlands: M-Zones researchers show results and coordinate research at the IST Event 2004
    October 27-29Vienna, Austria: M-Zones organises Workshop on Smart Space Management at the eChallenges 2004 conference
    20-21Limerick, Ireland: M-Zones researchers showing results at the IT&T 2004 conference
    18-19Berlin, Germany: M-Zones Researchers present work on Semantic-based Policies at the Workshop on Autonomic Computing, WAC
    6MMNS 2004, San Diego, USA: M-Zones researchers are invited to a Panel Session on Knowledge Plan at the MMNS 2004 conference
    September 30Deliverable D2.3/D3.3/D4.3 - M-Zones Whitepaper Evaluation
    25-29Dublin, Ireland: M-Zones Researchers take part in the European Young Scientist Exhibition
    2-3Waterford, WIT: M-Zones Meeting #009
    June 8-9Cork, CIT: M-Zones Meeting #008
    April 26-30Dublin, Ireland: M-Zones researchers participate in the O2 Home of the Future for the eWeek exhibit
    18-19Vienna, Austria: M-Zones researchers participate organising Doctoral Colloquium at the Pervasive 2004 and support the main conference April 21-23, 2004, in Linz and Vienna, Austria
    Cork, UCC, Ireland: M-Zones researcher shortlisted for Embark IEI Computer Science Research Achievement Awards 2004
    March 25-26Dublin, TCD: M-Zones Meeting #007
    14-19Dagstuhl, Germany: M-Zones researchers organise Dagstuhl Seminar on Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications

    2003December11thDeliverable D2.2/D3.2/D4.2 - 1st International Workshop on Management of Ubiquitous Communications and Services
    11thWaterford, WIT: M-Zones Meeting #006 - MUCS 2003, 1st International Workshop on Management of Ubiquitous Communications and Services
    November 30HEA Interim Report - June 2003 to November 2003
    7Dublin, Ireland: M-Zone researcher presents at the IRCSET 1st Research Symposium
    6-7Killkenny, Ireland: M-Zones presents at the HEAnet conference HEAnet 2003
    October 30thCork, CIT: M-Zones Meeting #005
    22-23Letterkenny, Ireland: M-Zones researchers present on the 3rd annual IT&T conference in Letterkenny Institute of Technology
    September 30Deliverable D2.1/D3.1/D4.1 - M-Zones Whitepaper Evaluation
    26-24Dublin, TCD: M-Zones organised Workshop on Adaptive Systems for Ubiquitous Computing Computing at the International Symposium on Information and Communication Technologies, ISICT 03
    June HEA Report I - June 2002 to May 31st 2003
    Waterford, Ireland: M-Zones researcher is selected for NASA programme
    May 16Deliverable D1.1 - State of the Art Review
    16Deliverable D0.1 - Revised Work Plan
    8-9Dublin, TCD: M-Zones Meeting #004
    6thDublin: M-Zones participates with in the 2nd IEE/IEEE Telecommunications Systems Research Symposium, ITSRS 2003
    February 13-14Waterford, WIT: M-Zones Meeting #003

    2002December4-5Cork, CIT: M-Zones Meeting #002
    October 30-31Dublin: PRTLI (Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions) Exhibition in the Burlington Hotel
    9thDublin, TCD: M-Zones Meeting #001
    July 3rdWaterford, WIT: Kick-off meeting